Wrapping Profiles

Material production for doors (frames, windowsills, door panels) in same coloring with melamines and CPL

We produce a wide range of fully wrapped profiles - frames, sills, screened doors accessories etc. Profiles are the starting point for the frame manufacturing. Optionally our design team undertakes the construction of special profiles that meet the customers' demands and the door making industry.

The exclusive use of PUR adhesive in all laminations, guarantees excellent binding to the substrate and high resistance in special conditions (increased humidity, high temperatures).

We use european plywood for the frames which are available in widths of 10cm, 13cm, 15cm, 18cm and 24cm.

Frames and sills are produced in 3 types: oval, flat and full frame profiles. They are coated with CPL or veneer in many colors, in natural-artificial veneers, as well as in Finish Foils. The door panels are produced in dimensions of 220 x 92 x 4mm/6mm. Variety of raw materials and covering (CPL , Finish Foil, Veneer) it's possible to be used. All raw materials are certified according to the EU Standards.


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