Basic philosophy of CMS is the best service of the customer. Main activities are the production and sale of top quality wood products, based on new generation mechanical equipment, know-how and top quality raw material.

The sales network of CMS is based on commercial wood & furniture stores. Following the new factory in Sindos - Thessaloniki, we have developled: 

• the production of wrapped wood profiles (door frame, door sill, kitchen frames, etc)
• the production of kitchen and wardrobe cabinets
• the production of postforming products (CPL - HPL doors, worktops)
• the production of acrylic surfaces ( High Gloss MDF panels )

Since 2008, our company has established and applies ISO quality management system for the production of our products. Major investements on new facilities & mechanical equipment, together with annual sales around 8.000.000 €, have defined our company as one of the most contemporary units of wood products in Greece.

Main axes of of our philosophy is:

• Production of high quality products, in competitive prices
• Respect to the customers & the market
• Constant investment to new generation equipment and human potential
• Sales network development
• Export activity promotion
• Innovation

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